an autumn themed playlist

Recently my friend and "music twin" Naomi sent me an amazing playlist I had to share with you guys. She has a vegan blog full of delicious recipes you should check out while you download her playlist :)

"This is a playlist for when you get home and it's already gotten dark outside, your feet are wet and your fingers are cold. Get under a blanket with a hot drink and let it indulge your melancholy side."                                                                                                                                                                                    - Naomi

You can download her playlist here.

  1. My Little Dove - I Hate You Just Kidding
  2. Liner - Justin Vernon
  3. A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith
  4. True Love Will Find You in the End - Daniel Johnston
  5. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
  6. Ice Cap Lullaby - Fionn Regan
  7. Help Yourself - Sad Brad Smith
  8. That Look You Give that Guy - Eels
  9. Genova - Charles Atlas
  10. My Teacher Died - Diane Cluck
  11. Red Ribbon Foxes - A Fine Frenzy
  12. Futile Devices - Sufjan Stevens