before and after
Polaroid/cigar box

Polaroid film has been extinct for quite a while now. Some people still scavenge the internet for original film which is quite expensive now, but most of us have switched to the new film made by the Impossible Project. I'm very happy with the new artistic style of the film but there is one drawback...its still experimental as you can see by the Polaroids taken above.  I rescanned my Impossible Polaroids after 4 months and thought I'd share them with you.


I strongly recommend storing them in a box with the crystal-gel they include with the purchase of their film. It maintains them at a certain humidity and prevents your pictures from fading. I store my Polaroids in an old cigar box, you can get these cheaply at thrift/antique stores or from your cigar smoking uncle (I'm sure we all have a cigar smoker in the family). I also take an X-acto knife and cut a small slit along the edge/border of the Polaroid to allow ventilation. Please visit the Impossible Project website for more info regarding storage.