I've known ralph for almost ten years now. We met when we were cast-members or employees for you non Disney people. We both have a passion for film music and I was very grateful when he agreed to create a guest playlist for my blog. He was 1/2 and creator of the very popular Lost Podcast "The Dharmalars". So popular in fact that it even gained fans from actual Lost cast members. He currently co hosts a new final Lost Podcast called "The Tail End" and he also has a blog, Casinoskunk, that features everything from movie reviews to even his top fast food places!

When Cesar asked me if I wanted to do a playlist for The Dead Format, my mind went off in many different directions. As a fan of film scores, I immediately thought of doing a list of some of my favorite cues from film, but I figured that it would probably be monotonous as a playlist. I really wanted to do something a bit more eclectic. For me there is nothing more eclectic than the ups and downs that I have gone through durning my life. The following are songs that have a link to my past. For the most part all of these songs transport me to a specific time in my life. Even though this is a list created specifically for The Dead Format, these songs have pretty much always been my soundtrack when I could use some direction.



I am really happy that i did this. I had a good time digging into my library and finding songs that took me to a different time in my life. The photo for the album art is a picture of my grandfather (Ralph J. Apel).

Download the playlist here.

The Mood Swing

Pink Victim - Combustible Edison

Diary of Horace Wimp - Electric Light Orchestra

The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon & Garfunkel

Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode

Everybody's Friend - Jane's Addiction

The Last Time - Danny Elfman

Cyanide Breath Mint - Beck

Do Something - Tulsi

Yellow Sun - The Raconteurs

Take Me Higher - Mellow with Alison David

We Live Again - Beck

In Austria - John Powell

Tomorrow Never Dies - Swan Lee

Goodnight, Moonshine - Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

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