Gus says "cheese"! Welcome to France!

Cognac, my hometown, is a lovely -though small- town and Gus' visit was a wonderful excuse to take my camera out for a walk and rediscover the place where I grew up. Most of those streets have no secret for me but I still love walking around and letting my mind wander.

Before becoming famous for its brandy, Cognac was the place of birth of the king François the first, considered to be France's first Renaissance monarch. Some of the buildings date from the 1400s and being a history nerd, I love coming from a place with such an interesting past. François the first was a good friend of Leonardo da Vinci who designed one of the rooms of his small castle, today hosting one of the oldest cognac houses: Otard. Nearby, you also find Hennessy or Martell and on a hot summer day, it does smell cognac on the streets because of evaporation. We call it the angels' share.

Now, enough talking, I'll let you look at some photos!

Thanks for having me.