the birth of timothy

This is not Gus.

The first gnome Polaroid that started it all. This is the birth of my original gnome, Timothy. Just wanted to post a little tribute to him, as he was a gift from a close friend.

If you look to the right, you'll notice a cat hair that sneaked in during the scanning process. Thats a little gift from my cat Becks, he gets into everything.

Gus is on his way back from Norway, he will be traveling to Japan soon with my friend Diana!  Apparently he will not be traveling alone from Norway. Ada will be joining him, she's finally coming to California! I will be showing her around Southern California and taking Polaroids of her. Checkout her blog and meet Ada.


I was wrong, Ada is coming to California from Singapore

On another note. I very highly recommend watching the indie movie Temporada de Patos (Duck Season) especially if you're an aspiring Photographer or Art Director. The establishing shots are amazing, it feels like you are watching a moving photograph and not a "movie". What appears to begin as a boring movie that takes place in a small urban apartment in Mexico, ends up becoming a very intriguing movie touching on many emotional subjects. Put it in your queue.