not your average joe

not your average joe

Meet my friend Joe. I met him through my friend Edsel, whom I'll feature on a future post. We have deejayed many gigs together and is one of the most creative guys I've ever known. He's into 1966 Batman, the original Star Wars, freakbeat, exotica and 60's and 70's Italian soundtracks. His major dislike is broccoli. He's definitely one of the persons who helped broaden my knowledge of music.

Along with being a DJ, Joe is also a very creative filmaker. His major influences are Jean Luc Godard, Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, and Seijun Suzuki.  Below is a short he wrote and directed starring my friend Edsel as the Flyman.

Follow his blog : Zen Killer Productions

I Dream of Gina from Joseph Ngo on Vimeo.