Mr. C's Records

Mr. C's Rare Records | 148 N Glassell St., Orange  CA 92866


Record Store Day has become my new favorite day...

I went over to my local record shop, Mr. C's Rare Records, and picked up a Dave Brubeck record (Dave Digs Disney). Mr. C's record shop has managed to survive for more than 35 years in the historic Orange Circle. Mr C will not post anything in his shop that is older than the 70's. He can teach you how to spot an original pressing of a Beatles record or pull out a rare find like an original pressing of the Dumbo Soundtrack, 50 dollars by the way. Stop by the record store if you're ever in the area and say hi to Mr. C, you wont regret it.

Heres a sample song from the Dave Brubeck Digs Disney record.

I also want to give Betsy J a big thank you for sending me these RSD11 goodies!

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