Rainy weather in Southern California calls for another volume of The Gloomy Weather Mix. I'm very happy Naomi agreed to collaborate on this little playlist, I absolutely love all the track selections she sends me. We hope you guys enjoy this one.

I'd also like to thank Morgan and Kim for influencing a few of the track selections I made for this playlist.

The Gloomy Weather Mix Vol. 3

  1. Intro
  2. The Sprout and the Bean (raw cover) - Unknown
  3. Where in The World Are You - Great Lake Swimmers
  4. Summertime - Great Northern
  5. Ink - Alligator Creek
  6. The Orient And The Gatsby's Slew of Choices - Justin Vernon
  7. State of Things - Turin Brakes
  8. Months - The Middle East
  9. Funeral Songs - Laura Gibson
  10. The Girl Running feat. Jess Chalker - Passenger
  11. The Underwood Typewriter - Fionn Regan
  12. Sheets - Damien Jurado
  13. Through the Dark - Alexi Murdoch
  14. There is An Ocean - Donovan
  15. Fish in the Pond - Alligator Creek
  16. The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
  17. Wild World - Cat Stevens
  18. From the Morning - Nick Drake
  19. Out The Airlock - Paul Dempsey
  20. Eulogy to Lenny Bruce - Nico