Hi, I'll make this short. I'm very grateful for all of the extraordinary friends I've made through this little blog. I've met so many talented people that have inspired me in many ways. One in particular, is my friend Diana. She encouraged me to feature my Polaroids on a blog and well...here we are.

I'm having a giveaway for my one year blogiversary and as a thank you to all of the readers of this blog. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such encouraging comments.

To be entered into the giveaway you just have to leave a comment stating you'd like to be entered and the most embarrassing moment in your life...No, not really. Just leave a comment and your favorite line from a movie. I will assign each entry a number and use random.org to select the winner. Blogging about this giveaway will earn you a second entry!

The winner will be chosen on Monday Morning, Sept. 26

Oh and here's one of my favorite movie lines..."That'll do pig, that'll do" -Babe     UPDATE

polaroid bag

I forgot to add an item to the giveaway. How about a bag to carry your camera and film in?