Gus recently went to visit one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley, in Virginia. The portraits she takes are awe-inspiring, and is one of the reasons why her blog is in my top 5 on my Reader feed.  I hope you enjoy the pictures she took as much as I did and go checkout her blog after viewing her Gus set.    

Gus arrived in Virginia during one of the rainiest periods I have ever experienced. I did have some grand plans of taking him out on the Potomac River, but we decided to stay as dry as possible.

Much like his girlfriend, Ada, Gus is a chill guy and didn’t mind running errands with me. We hit up my favorite bbq joint, stopped in at work, and leisurely browsed the bookstore.

Gus was also a good sport and posed for all the ladies during a blogger meet-up. After the girls went on their way, Gus and I quietly walked the historic streets of Alexandria. Old Town once belonged to D.C., but was taken back by Virginia in the 1800’s. It was a gloomy kind of day, but it fit our mood and gave a dreamy tint to the pictures.

Hope you enjoy looking at our weekend. And, Gus? You are welcome back anytime. xo



Full set here