Occupy LA Agfa200

Occupy LA, November 17, 2011

This demonstration had a huge turnout. It started in City Hall followed by a march to the Financial District, where they camped out by  the Bank of America building. This eventually led to arrests by the police after the demonstrators refused to take down their campsite. What most upset the people, was the fact that the police surrounded the building, protecting it from them.

This week I will be posting several sets of Occupy LA pictures taken with various types of film. Below, is a set I took with my Nikon FE2 and Agfa 200 expired film.

Occupy LA Agfa200_0024
Occupy LA Agfa200_0022
Occupy LA Agfa200_0021
Occupy LA Agfa200_0018
Occupy LA Agfa200_0006
Occupy LA Agfa200_0012

Full set here