Hemet, Ca.


  • "Night Court" starring Harry Anderson premieres on NBC TV
  • Madonna 1st sings "Holiday" on American Bandstand
  • Supreme Court rules (5-4) oks private use of home VCR's to tape TV programs for later viewing does not violate federal copyright laws
  • Hulk Hogan defeats Iron Sheik to become WWF champ
  •  Apple Computer Inc unveils its revolutionary Macintosh personal computer
  • Michael Jackson is burned during filming for Pepsi commercial
  • Part of Central Park is named Strawberry Fields honoring John Lennon
  • Vanessa Williams, 1st black Miss America, resigns due to posing nude
  • 23rd modern Olympic games opens in Los Angeles
  • 1st documented case of a robot killing a human in US
  • "Cosby Show" premieres on NBC-TV
  •  Prince's "Purple Rain," album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 24 weeks
  • "Miami Vice" premiered
  • 1st space walk by US woman (Dr Kathryn D Sullivan)
  • President Reagan (R) landslide (won 49 states) re-election over Mondale (D)
  • April 4th Winston Smith in Orwell's "1984" begins his secret diary

Crack, a smoke-able form of cocaine, is first introduced into the Los Angeles area in 1984